Supply Chain Pre-Attack Intelligence

Supply chain pre-attack intelligence, perhaps the first time you’re hearing about this solution.  In which case today’s blog aims to provide you with an understanding into what it is, how it works and how it supports organisations like yours.

Let’s begin by considering your current situation, as an organisation you’ll undoubtedly be doing everything possible to protect your network.

Now, stop for a moment to consider the attitude other organisations within your supply chain take towards security… Unfortunately, they may not be as proactive as you.  Despite your best efforts it’s time to consider your position if an organisation within your supply chain was targeted? Would your organisation be secure? Would you even be notified?

Supply chain weaknesses

Today’s insight tackles the above questions, beginning with how DIS, alongside our partner Node4 is assisting customers in alerting you of any supply chain breaches.

When it comes to your own business security, you will be best protecting your network against potential breaches.

For example, through conducting regular Penetration Tests, Firewall updates and Phishing campaigns.  To name a few security solutions.

However, you are never fully aware of the lengths that organisations within your supply chain are going to.  Similarly how seriously other organisations are taking cyber-security.

This could be for a myriad of reasons, such as attitude, lack of resources or capabilities to fully safeguard their network.  This can not only harm their organisation in the event of cyber-attack, but their vulnerabilities can leave you unknowingly exposed if an attack transpires.

As an organisation you may have a customer’s/ partner/ organisation within your supply chain who gets breached/ a criminal gains access to their data.  It’s important to understand that there is a high probability that a significant amount of your organisation’s details could be included in the data the criminals have exfiltrated, for example financial details/ payment details, as just a starter.

This alone isn’t ideal.  Worse still, however is that the likelihood of the organisation immediately informing you of the breach is quite low.

They will be busy fighting their own fires and securing their network.  Doing their best damaged limitation, protecting their own reputation as much as possible. This can unfortunately leave your organisation somewhat vulnerable.

This is where Dark Web Scanner comes in:

The solution provides pre-attack intelligence across your supply chain.  This means you’ll be notified in the instance that one of your supply chain gets ransom-wared.

Arguably, quicker than they, themselves would alert you since they will be prioritising their own business.

Whereas, your priority is protecting your organisation from leaked data within your supply chain.

When you are informed, through use of intelligence, you can best protect your network.  Guided by an expert team taking a proactive approach in the fight against hackers.

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We’ll look further into the dark web and how the solutions we offer can support your organisation in our blog over the coming weeks. Please do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page where they will be announced.

To conclude, if today’s insight has opened your eyes to the capabilities of Dark Web Scanner, or if cybersecurity is an area that your organisation is looking to prioritise, please don’t hesitate to call Data Installation & Supplies Ltd on 01274 869 099 or email and one of our experienced engineers will be happy to help.