Imagine if you knew you were going to be attacked

Imagine if you knew you were going to be attacked, not the best day for your organisation.

There is, however something worse, being unaware of an incoming attack.

Let’s dig a little deeper…

Traditionally with cybersecurity a significant percentage of the battle is concentrated within defence.  When arguably what should be prioritised is preparation.

For this reason, DIS offer a solution that places emphasis upon taking a proactive approach in the fight against hackers… Dark Web Scanner.

Simply put, Dark Web Scanner supports organisations in the ‘prepare’ phase, ahead of a cyber-attack occurring.  In-turn equipping you with the knowledge of an approaching attack, approximately 90 days prior.

How does this support you in the face of an incoming attack?

Dark Web Scanner provides you with the intelligence, from what we refer to as pre-emptive security.

Pre-emptive security is much more than just informing you of an imminent attack.  It allows us to provide you with a full rationale, with information that actually helps you.

The information received through the solution is much more than creating awareness alone, which in itself doesn’t help in either your protection or defence.

Instead what you receive is an alert of the incoming attack, coalesced with the reasons and method, before advising what action to take.

How does the solution enable knowledge of the attack?

Before we elaborate, it’s important for us to discuss the lengths that hackers go to, when seeking opportunities to infiltrate your network.

For example:

A costly attack on a leading US supermarket chain noted that entry into its network was gained through their Air Conditioning Commander Control System.

Highlighting the above attack is relevant because prior to introducing this solution into your organisation a significant time investment is required to provide full, detailed information from your people, infrastructure and digital assets.


As seen in the above-mentioned US supermarket scenario, hackers unfortunately don’t just come in through the front door.  They will exploit any possible resources.

What Dark Web Scanner does is provides you with ‘holistic protection’ to keep the criminals away.

Dark Web Scanner is a solution that enables you to view your organisation the same way that the criminals do. So, the more information that you expose to us, including for example public profiles, supports in the goal to get the view as far ahead of the attack time as possible.

We’ll look further into the dark web and how the solutions we offer can support your organisation in our blog over the coming weeks. Please do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page where they will be announced.

To conclude, if today’s insight has opened your eyes to the capabilities of these solutions, or if cybersecurity is an area that your organisation is looking to prioritise, please don’t hesitate to call Data Installation & Supplies Ltd on 01274 869 099 or email and one of our experienced engineers will be happy to help.