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What do we mean by Physical Security Solutions?

Resources that integrate into our intelligent network solutions.

As a business you will be conscious of your responsibility towards protecting your people, premises and assets from a range of threats and you may be looking for single, physical security products such as external turnstiles or internal speed gates as the answer.

Data Installation & Supplies can support your business with physical security… From conducting initial site surveys, right through to design, manufacture and installation of various physical security solutions.

However, we would encourage you to understand how physical security products are more effective when integrated with our forward thinking, innovative technology solutions such as network based intelligent access control, network video and intercom solutions.

When combined they can transform into a seamless extension of your site’s loss prevention ingress and egress procedures.

How does this support business operations?

This, in turn provides you with a fully enhanced, futureproofed solution that can be developed as your organisation grows, with additional solutions being deployed as and when required, enabling you to develop both your internal and external security at your convenience.

Similarly, we can also deliver the advantage of bespoke driver kiosk housings, situated at your gatehouses, bolstered with automatic bi-fold gates, to enable you to benefit from a complete turnkey solution to monitor your vehicle movements.

Driving Efficiencies:

Much more than just a turnstile or vehicle gate

The key to our Physical Security Solutions, is that we execute much more than just installation of Physical Security Solutions, this is secondary in our offering.

If we are approached by a customer requiring a turnstile or a vehicle gate, they would presume that would be the end result.

Instead, we would suggest they invest in a superior, more intelligent solution, than what could be achieved by installing just standalone physical barriers.

Our recommendation instead would be a fully comprehensive solution, a solution that provides your organisation with superior intelligence, with the result being a proactive, monitored solution extending your site security and visitor experience.

To elaborate, Data Installation & Supplies can provide your organisation with access control reader arms, accommodating IP Video intercoms, which can furthermore be linked into your telephony system, thus exploiting the full advantages of an IP intercom.

There is also the facility to integrate diversion of calls to control rooms/ reception areas, where the call can be flagged up on video walls, triggering alerts over IP devices, such as audio and visual.

The capabilities can extend further, with facial recognition and integration into Access Control and Visitor Management, which in turn provides the option of presenting QR codes, or ANPR to allow visitor access.

The above solutions can be further strengthened alongside additional IP CCTV for surveillance, with loaded analytics which detect person or vehicle movement.

By choosing to work with Data Installation & Supplies there are endless opportunities towards the scope of the physical security solutions available and we strive to deliver the most innovative solutions to better protect your assets.

Moreover, use your physical security to enhance your organisations branding and visual impact with our bespoke solutions to elevate the aesthetics by incorporating your company logo into the units.

Enhance this further with illuminated backlighting to transform your entrance, to combine security with branding, to create a stunning, secure front of house entrance that really stands out.

Take a few moments to read all the information on Physical Security Solutions provided across this page and our related insight pages.

Download our white paper and then please get in touch with us as we would love the opportunity to discuss your individual business requirements and demonstrate the capabilities and the vast array of offerings, detailing how installing such products combined with our knowledge and expertise in network-based solutions will make perfect sense.

Please contact Data Installation & Supplies on 01274 869 099 or info@disnorth.com.

What Are
The Benefits?

Increased Site Security
Integrated Solution
Greater Reliability
Increased Site Security
Integrated Solution
Greater Reliability


Entrance Installation at Distribution Site

Our customer challenged us to provide a security solution to protect vehicle ingress/ egress into their car park, situated half a kilometre from their main reception.

Due to the location a high dependence was placed upon a technological requirement to operate the access, which is utilised by both employees and visitors, granting access to not only vehicles, but also pedestrians and push cycles.

Together, with our key partners an innovative solution was designed, comprising of automated high security gates fitted with DIS’ access control functionality.

This functionality, combined with IP Network Video Intercoms, alongside the whole area being bolstered by complete IP Network Video coverage, featuring sterile zone analytic notifications provided our customer with an efficient solution.

Moving forward there are already plans in place to further develop the solution, through integration with our Visitor Management solution, enhancing access for both planned and unannounced visitors.

A DIS we always endeavour to provide our customers with a futureproof design to not only enable development within our Physical Security Solutions, but to similarly enable our customers to utilise evolving technologies within the security sector.

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Physical Security Solutions