Utilising QR Codes

QR Codes are increasingly becoming a way of life…  Whether that be scanning QR codes at exhibitions, or directly linking to a website.  We are becoming more conditioned to utilising QR codes.

QR Codes & Visitor Management

But are you aware that QR codes can be used to assist your visitors in gaining entry into your premises?

If not, today’s latest insight may be beneficial to your business…

When it comes to making a good first impression to visitors, what better way than by welcoming them quickly and efficiently.   Through pre-registration, enabling them pre-authorised access to your buildings and car parks via temporary QR Codes, whilst also maintaining high levels of security.

When a meeting is due to be scheduled, you can send across a meeting request via Outlook, providing confirmation with QR codes.

On the date your visitor will arrive and present their QR code to the IP intercom and reader.  This grants access quickly and efficiently, whilst also notifying the relevant staff member of your arrival.

Likewise, our Visitor Management can greatly improve efficiency for your employees who move around business sites.  Our solution can simplify arrival across your multiple business sites.

Your employee movement can be scheduled between targeted locations, again through Outlook, sending confirmations- including vehicle registration, QR codes etc…

The member of your team will then present their QR code to the IP intercom and reader for prompt access.

Whilst additionally, via our Visitor Management solution your meetings can also been pre-booked, rooms reserved, and the relevant colleagues notified upon the staff members arrival.

Furthermore if staff are enrolled on facial recognition their movements can be both tracked and audited.

If our Visitor Management solution is something that would meet your business requirements take a look at our Visitor Management page.  Here you will find some further information, you can download our white paper and view our video.

If you would like to discuss how utilising QR codes can support your individual needs please contact 01274 869 099 or info@disnorth.com.


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