IP CCTV & Security

Protect your people, premises and assets with our IP CCTV & Security solutions.

Keeping your premises and equipment safe from potential intruders or vandals is absolutely vital to the security of your business.

Fortunately, DIS can install a fully scalable CCTV & Security solution to protect your premises, equipment and employees.

However, IP CCTV & security systems have evolved to encompass multiple areas of usability.

It can be used not only for security but DIS can install systems to improve health and safety and process management within your business, increasing productivity and showing a Return on Investment.

Our design team have a vast knowledge of network infrastructure and industry knowledge, and over time have evolved alongside technology developments to provide scalable and intelligent IP CCTV solutions that now replace traditional analogue systems.

Please take a look at our IP CCTV & Security solutions outlined below and contact DIS on 01274 869 099 or info@disnorth.com to discuss your individual business requirements, or to see how we can support your business.

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IP CCTV & Security

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