It’s not just your phones

You may be aware of the ISDN and PSTN switch off that’s being carried out in 2025 and how it’s not just your phones that may be affected…

However, if you’re not aware please read on to gain an insight into the planned switch off as it’s highly likely that your business will be affected in some way.

What is the Switch Off?

Back in 2017 BT Openreach made the announcement that PSTN would be switched off in 2025.

This is due to the increasing costs associated with the maintenance, including the ISDN lines which are being replaced by newer technologies, such as fibre broadband.

Lots of businesses (approximately 2 million still in 2022) in the UK are still using these ISDN lines, either ISDN2 or ISDN30 lines which will all be migrated to a digital service.

We discuss this in more detail here.

However, as a business it’s important that you are aware that it’s not just phone systems that will be affected by the BT switch off.

You must also not disregard the other elements within your business that are using your PSTN voice line, these are things like your security alarm system, access control systems, payment terminals, to name just a few, so it’s also important that you consider the impact that the switch off will have on your systems additional to your phone lines.

We’d recommend that you take the time now to discover exactly which systems will be affected by the switch off and consider the most appropriate solution for your business requirements.

If all this sounds confusing, please don’t worry, over the coming months Data Installation & Supplies will be publishing more and more insights around the ISDN and PSTN switch off.

In the meantime please contact Data Installation & Supplies to request any further information.

Likewise if you would like to discuss your individual business requirements and how the switch off may affect your business on 01274 869 099 or


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