ISDN Switch Off

Transform your networks in line with the BT ISDN switch off in 2025.

When we say 2025, this may seem like you have ample time to prepare for (which you do have).  But realistically you don’t want this to be a job that keeps getting side-lined.

So let DIS assist you in your migration from your old technologies in preparation for the UK’s PTSN & ISDN network switch off.

What the ISDN Switch off means

As a business you may have heard that by 2025 all customers both domestic and commercial using PSTN which is a Public Switched Telephone Network and ISDN which is an Integrated Service Digital Network will cease.

Making everything digital, with all voice calls being routed over IP as opposed to PSTN.

These services have been around for decades, but over the last few years technology changes and the digital transformation have meant that these networks are now dated.

With the cabling infrastructure beginning to deteriorate, so the migration will make way for more up to date technologies, future proofing requirements.

So, what can Data Installation & Supplies do to help your business?

If you’re one of the roughly 2 million businesses within the UK that still have an ISDN connection.  We can assist you…

The first thing that Data Installation & Supplies will establish is what phone system you’re currently using.

Many modern phone systems are equipped to migrate easily as they are extremely resilient, however some may require a new network module.

Or you may need to consider new phone systems.

We can offer several solutions including cloud hosted and on-premises, with the flexibility to tailor a solution to meet your business operations, with options including Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Sip Trunks.

To discuss your individual business requirements please contact DIS on 01274 869 099 or


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