Your organisation’s weakest link

You’ll probably be aware that fraudsters are becoming increasingly clever in the way in which they try to trick you into unwittingly allowing them access to networks or providing them with sensitive business information which could allow access to not only your business databases, but potentially bank accounts and emails.

So, now would be a great time for you to just remind employees about their responsibilities towards safeguarding the business from hackers and reiterating guidelines surrounding both the opening of and the responding to emails or clicking on links embedded within them, because if they aren’t aware of their responsibilities then they could unintentionally leave your business vulnerable to attack, so don’t let your employees become your organisation’s weakest link.

Some examples of Phishing Emails:

  • Suspicious activity detected, or unusual log in attempts
  • Payment information required
  • Payment unsuccessful
  • Sending fake invoices
  • Clicking links to make payments

As the tactics fraudsters use will continue to change regularly it’s important to educate your employees on what they need to be looking out for,

If you’re not confident that your employees are savvy enough to recognise an email scam, we’re sure that you will benefit from out Simulated Phishing Campaigns.

These campaigns can be tailored to be business specific, with a campaign that suits your business profile, either aimed at your full business, specific departments, or individuals.

Upon the email being deployed you will be able to analyse your employee’s response to the email, you can see if they have opened, clicked, or responded and determine whether their actions could potentially risk your business security.

To discuss our Phishing Campaigns in more detail and how you can prevent your employees from becoming your organisation’s weakest link, or to request some more information please contact us on 01274 869 099 or


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