Why are endpoints a target for hackers?

Why are endpoints a target for hackers?

This is a question that many organisations ask, alongside why is it that endpoints are the element that hackers attempt to infiltrate a network?

The simplest explanation to describe why, is because the endpoints can often act as an entry point into your otherwise secure business network.

Endpoints are an easier solution for hackers to attempt infiltrate, with the aim to cause a breach, as opposed to the hacker trying to enter your network through another medium, for example your secure firewall.

Therefore, endpoints are seen as the easy option!

Unfortunately, when it comes to your endpoints, it is difficult to protect them from attack and a high percentage of successful breaches of company data originates from endpoints.

Endpoints are difficult to secure, especially when the number of endpoints within an organisation is often increasing, specifically in relation to the increase in remote workers.

This, combined with many organisations lacking the internal resources to continually monitor their cyber security and network security and keep all endpoints up to date, means that businesses are only being made aware of a breach after it has taken place with no guidance as to have the attack occurred, nor understanding the route the hacker took through your network.

Additionally, businesses put increased effort into securing their network infrastructure, which results in leaving their endpoints unprotected, which is why the solution EDR is so important for businesses to consider, understand and implement.

Data Installation & Supplies can support your business with our Managed EDR solution, which detects and responds to any identified threats, that would otherwise go unnoticed, so please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01274 869 099 or info@disnorth.com and one of our team will be able to discuss both why endpoints are a target for hackers and EDR in more detail and specifically to your business requirements.