What is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing? This is a question asked by many businesses who are looking to ascertain whether cloud is a good choice for them.

Today’s blog addresses what is cloud computing, with the anticipation that you will find the information useful and it will lead you to asking more nuanced questions, which our team will be happy to discuss in more detail…

So, what exactly is Cloud Computing?

In recent years, cloud computing is evolving to become a primary technology that’s shaping the way that organisations (and individuals) manage their data, applications, and their infrastructure.

The core of cloud refers to the delivery of computing (servers, storage, databases, networking, software) over the internet (or in the ‘cloud.) It is an alternate solution for organisations to having the responsibility to own, manage and maintain these elements physically (on-premise).

Instead, providing the facility to access these resources on-demand from cloud providers.

When we refer to cloud computing, there are three key components, these are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) which are discussed in further detail here, and three types of cloud deployments, which you may be familiar with. Private Cloud, Public Cloud, and hybrid cloud, to understand the differentiating factors between the here cloud deployments please click here.

Understanding your organisation

As with any solution, cloud is a continually evolving sector, reacting to trends to shape its future. When we work with organisations who are considering a shift to cloud we make sure that we fully understand their organisation, future growth plans and the nature of their daily operations, we also establish their needs and wants and familiarise ourselves with any regulatory stipulations and security before presenting an appropriate cloud strategy adoption.

This enables us to be sure that we are promoting a solution that provides them with best practice for their individual situation and to certify that we will be maximising the benefits of cloud, whilst mitigating risks for our customer.

Cloud computing is representative of a paradigm shift in how organisations are accessing their resources, alongside how they are managed and provisioned.

Cloud offers a myriad of benefits, including scalability, flexibility, OpEx pricing (to name a few) which are making it a comprehensive tool for modern businesses seeking agility and innovative solutions to support their digital transformations.

At Data Installation & Supplies Ltd (DIS) we can support your organisation at any stage of your cloud journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01274 869 099, or info@disnorth.com and our team of experienced engineers will be happy to have a no obligation discussion to guide you.