Understanding the logistics of data centre relocations

Relocation to a data centre is a multifaceted process, requiring extensive planning to ascertain a precise execution.

At Data Installation & Supplies (DIS) our expert engineers understand the crucial logistics to conduct a smooth and efficient migration.

Today’s post will explore the key logistical aspects involved in managing a successful data centre relocation and understanding their overall importance in order to conduct a smooth, efficient migration for our customers…

We’ll cover several aspects within this post to help in your understanding of the logistics of data centre relocations, beginning with:

Strategic Planning and Management:

Way ahead of the day of the data centre relocation you’ll become familiar with an expert team of engineers, led by a Project Manager to oversee the relocation from initial discussions to post relocation support. We’ll embark on the crucial elements of the process, that’s the planning.

We’ll conduct risk assessments, mitigation strategies, cost analysis and document an inventory audit of your hardware, software and network components amongst an array of other tasks.

You’ll be pleased to know that at DIS, we aren’t an orgainsation where you’ll be working with lots of individuals, that you never speak to or see more than once- we pride ourselves on offering a personal touch where we’re always on the other end of the phone to answer any questions you or your team have… Having worked within the industry for 40 years we fully appreciate the importance of a successful relocation.

Technical Considerations:

We can support you in locating a data centre, similarly, relocating you to a data centre of your choosing.

Our engineers can support you in the confidence that the data centre has robust network infrastructure to support both your immediate and future needs and are PCI-compliant and ISO 27001 certified, with key features available like:

  • ISO27001 accredited
  • PCI compliant
  • Tier 3+ standard
  • 4.0 MVA power, quad transformers
  • N+1 generator backup
  • N+N Power & UPS system
  • Perimeter fencing
  • CCTV
  • 24×7 manned security
  • Remote hands & eyes available

*All the above features may differ due to location services available.

Data Migration:

Prior to the move, we will make sure that all data is backed up, with a disaster recovery plan in place for if any unforeseen issues arise.

The relocation will aim to cause minimal disruption to your organisation. Traditionally we carry out relocation outside of your business hours and spinning up temporary back up resources to maintain any critical operations.

Similarly with the physical relocation, we will arrange for the most appropriate method of transport, based on your needs to facilitate the packing, transporting and re-installing hardware.

Testing and Validation:

When the relocation has been carried out, we will conduct in-depth comprehensive testing to be sure that all your systems are functioning correctly.

At a glance, this will include connectivity testing, hardware test and software tests.

Upon both our complete satisfaction that the move has been carried out successfully and that our customer is happy we will complete a post-relocation analysis.

Post Relocation Analysis:

We will conduct a review and advise the customer how the relocation went, any issues that arose and how they were mitigated, we’ll also gather any feedback from the customer to be sure that we can answer any last-minute questions to know that the customer has a comprehensive understanding of the relocation’s success.

Although today’s post only gives a transient overview,  you will appreciate data centre relocation is a complex procedure, requiring meticulous planning.

At DIS we understand the logistical challenges and therefore adopt a bespoke, structured approach to safeguard our individual customers IT infrastructure and business critical data, whilst maintaining a minimal disruption objective.

If you would like to speak to our experienced engineers to gain some further insights towards understanding the logistics of data centre relocations, or to discuss your data centre relocation needs please contact DIS on 01274 869 099, or info@disnorth.com, alternatively please fill out our contact form here.