The importance of Backup

Here we have the first of our introductory reports on the importance of Backup, one of the cloud solutions that we offer, what we’re hoping to bring you from this series of cloud solutions blogs is to raise the questions that you need to be thinking about, that you may not have even considered.

Today we’ll start with the importance of Backup…

Picture the scenario, your everyday business operations are in full swing, you understand what you need to do that day, have your objectives set, your team know the plan and are ready to get going…

Nothing is going to stand in your way, until the worst happens, and your key data is lost!

Data Loss:

When it comes to business data, we’re referring to all information that the business holds, stores and uses, including that of your employees, customers and third-party contractors.

It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that the data that you have is protected (or disposed of) efficiently and that also includes your responsibilities to guarantee that if an issue arises you are prepared.

However, as some businesses discover they aren’t equipped in the face of issues, which can come from lots of scenarios from human error to viruses and third-party cyber-attack or hackers and natural disasters.

It has previously been argued by businesses that the reason they haven’t backed up their data is because it’s expensive or that there’s a lack of time to do so, or that they don’t have the internal resources to know how to back up, or purely because they don’t think it can happen to them. Unfortunately, it does happen and without the appropriate back up it can leave you extremely vulnerable.

Data loss will undoubtedly disrupt your business operations and daily activities, not to mention the implications upon your reputation and customer faith in your abilities, so we would suggest that you are always prepared.


Now, you may think that your key data is your databases and your day-to-day documents and have the relevant backup solutions, but have you thought about the implications of losing your website?

Your website is the face to your business, it is one of your most important business attributes you have, if not the most important attribute if you are an e-commerce business…

You, like many businesses will have your website hosted externally, with a high probability that it is managed by a digital agency, the agency may control all aspects, your SEO, development, PR amongst other elements…

Now these third-party agencies will probably offer hosting via a third-party provider which you would hope eliminates the element of risk, but servers can go down, sometimes with catastrophic consequences which is why cloud and data services are increasing in popularity.

This, you may think is fine because the hosting is managed by your agency, but have you ever considered that your agency may not be conducting regular backups of your website…

Don’t be stuck in a situation where your biggest digital asset is compromised due to a lack of backup…

If you do one thing today, call your digital agency to ensure that your website is backed up, regularly and if the worst was to happen that the date would be recoverable, because let’s face it as a business you probably won’t remember every small aspect of the site, changes, updates etc. because we all make simple changes that are reflective of the immediate time, that you may not even remember and even if you do have the time,  would you have the resource re-construct the site?

So, I guess here’s the part where we tell you what services we offer…

DIS are delighted to offer backup as a Service, a cloud-based solution which frees you of the worry of back up.

It allows you the security that your data is backed up, because accidents do happen, both internally, externally and because of cyber-attack and it’s not just the large companies who are at risk.

Amongst other things BaaS allows you to relax in the event of disaster because the recovery process will be taken care of.

Backup as a Service is a great introduction to moving your business operations to the cloud, when Backup as a Service is combined with Disaster Recovery as a Service you really have all your disaster plans taken care of!

If you would like to discuss the finer details of the importance of backup, please give us a call on 01274 869 099 or and one of our team will happily answer your questions and provide further information on how we can assist your individual business needs.


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