The finer details of Database Management

Your databases play an integral role in your day-to-day business activities, it’s where all your information is stored, not to mention it tracks your business operations, therefore it is vital that your databases remain functional with high performance to ensure optimal running.  Which is why today’s insight discusses the finer details of database management.

Getting the most out of your databases

Ensure that you are getting the most out of your databases by choosing Data Installation & Supplies to take care of your database estate, with 24x7x365 support to ensure that your databases are both in perfect health and are fully optimised, you can rest assured that your databases are in safe hands.

We fully appreciate that with in house database management comes a broad range of challenges, ranging from expense and difficulties in sourcing database administrators, multiple databases being in use and the need to modernise database environments. We work with a team of database experts at N4Stack, part of Node4, to offer a proactive service across a broad range of database platforms such as SQL Server, Oracle, Couchbase, MySQL and more.

At DIS, we understand that outsourcing your database management may not have been something that you’ve considered, or even realised was an available service, so we’re pleased to offer three services within our database management, all three services can be undertaken, however it maybe that your business wishes to transition at a steady pace, beginning with an initial health check, before considering consultancy and a fully managed service.

Database Health check: Initially the first thing to do would be to carry out a database health check, this way we can analyse your existing database estate and offer a full business focussed report advising you on any recommendations and a remedial plan for database optimisation.

Consultancy: Following a database health check, we can offer a service whereby we can carry out all remedial recommendations for you, with the overall outcome a fully heathy and fully optimised Database.

Managed Service: Let us take care of your full database management, this will allow you to significantly reduce costs, offer SLA assurance with access to experts who offer first class monitoring and fault recognition and a 24×7 helpdesk meaning you are always supported.

In house Database Management Vs Database Managed Services

We fully appreciate that with in house database management you may feel like you have more control over your databases, however have you considered the pain points and the broad range of challenges that accompany in house management, ranging from expense and difficulties in sourcing database administrators, multiple databases being in use and the fact that it’s an objective for business owners to modernise their database environments, not to mention ongoing upkeep, by outsourcing your database management it will relieve the internal demands, freeing up resources and you will be assured of a full backup service whilst offering flexible contracts, which brings us onto the advantages of database management…

Advantages to outsourcing Database Management

When you begin considerations surrounding database managed services you need to know how you will benefit…


When it comes to database management a key deciding factor will undoubtedly be regarding cost, when you consider the salary expectations of experienced Database Administrators you can easily be looking at around the £60,000 per annum, not to mention additional operational costs such as training and overheads, and then having to consider who takes responsibility when your database administrator is on holiday, poorly or during weekend.

Further questions need to be considered if your data and applications need to be accessed 24x7x365 because you will need to have more than one dedicated database administrator, very quickly your costs are mounting, before any issues occur.

With database management you can be assured of flexible monthly payments, which allow for database administrator managed services, with 24x7x365 database support services to ensure that your database is always fully operational.

Assured SLA’s:

When it comes to your projects, Data Installation & Supplies assure you of our guaranteed SLA’s so you can rest assured that even with any peaks in your projects there are the resources available to account for any additional demands.


We completely understand that your time is best spent on the areas of business that you specialise in, why not do what you’re good at and let us do what we’re good at! Use your internal resources on business focussed tasks rather than having to tie up resources in database operations, which then also cuts down on recruitment and training of database administrators because your databases are taken care of, 24×7.

Flexibility and Scalability:

With database managed services there is flexibility for your contracts, we offer terms as small as 30 days, offering you flexibility to try out our services, which will enable you to see improvements in driving your business forward, freeing up time where you don’t have to worry about solving problems with your existing systems.

In addition, when it comes to outsourcing your database management, you may be apprehensive as to the support levels needed, well we’re pleased to offer scalable services, which can be increased or decreased as required, giving you both scalability in resource and flexibility in price.


Why should I carry out a Database Health Check?

Data is constantly evolving, with increases in code, applications and users putting increasing pressures upon the database, by carrying out a Database health check you will be aware of any degradation on performance and be provided with an action plan to remedy any Database pressures.

What would be covered in a Database health check?

The database health check will include a detailed review of your database from a consultant, you will receive a fully business focussed report, categorising all recommendations and providing a remediation plan which we will discuss the findings with you.

What happens after the Database Health Check?

Following your database health check, you will receive feedback alongside an action plan to improve your database, at this point you may instruct the work to be carried out on your behalf, alternatively you may opt for your in-house team to oversee the remediation… Following the initial health check, it is the intention that your database will be fully optimised with enhanced performance.

How will my business benefit from Database Management?

You will benefit from 24 x 7 helpdesk support.  Combined with instant fault recognition and database optimisation consisting of backup management and change requests, meaning that all your databases are fully supported.

If you would like to receive further information on database management or like to arrange your database health check, please click here to leave your details and one of our experienced team members will be in touch to discuss further