The Features of Digital Signage

Today’s blog will provide you with an insight into the features of the Digital Signage solution…

What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a combination of hardware, software and connectivity, which following installation broadcasts content.

Digital Signage has many features which when you publish your content can enhance your sales, productivity and engagement.

Read on to explore the features of Digital Signage and to gain an understanding of how it can compliment your business operations.


The Digital Signage solution supports a range of media, including images, videos, RSS feeds, web pages & IPTV and allows approvals to create user groups.

Playlist Management

A core feature within digital signage is playlist management, which has a simplified editor, with drag and drop elements, ensuring the best user experience, with full scheduling available ahead of time.

Publishing Content

Publishing content allows you to create individual rotations attributed to specific screens, on scale and in a timely manner, whilst within the platform it’s easy to manage players and automatic playlist generators.


The marketplace has a wide range of free content available, including clocks, weather, calendars and notice boards.


The health & connection status of your players is part of the functionality, within the network manager, making the platform easy to monitor.


A simplistic reporting area enables you to view, download and export reports based on users, media assets or anything published to the players.

API Development

You can build custom signage and interact with 3rd parties via API development.

Live Chat

Support & training come hand in hand, with a live chat available.

Proof of Play

Track your assets via proof of play, whilst you can synchronise the screens to play in unison, similarly, to create video wall experiences, not to mention proactive monitoring which allows for text or email notifications when you’re not watching your dashboard.

Web Based Triggers

Content can be triggered via interactivity, locally with a user interacting, web-based triggers, HTML5 or real time events.


Create your own applications and widgets to build your own solutions to input into the platform.

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