Small but mighty fibre optic cables

Happy Friday! Today’s blog is brought to you by a fibre optic cable and a good old cuppa’ tea!

(Honestly keep with us, the comparison is completely relevant and will make perfect sense!)

Have you ever really considered high-speed internet connections? These small but mighty fibre-optic cables carry immense amounts of data at high speeds, and it’s pretty impressive when you understand that these cables are as thin as a strand of human hair, but are capable of transmitting data over long distances with minimal signal loss, but keeping maximum efficiency…

So, cups of tea- in a standard cup (like our fabulous DIS merchandise- if you’d like a cup just ask your Account Manager) you’d fit hundreds, possibly thousands of fibre-optic cables, and this really is the scale of innovation we’re discussing in today’s post.

The core materials of these cables are glass, or plastic fibres, transmitting light signals, which differentiates them from their copper counterparts, which rely on electrical signals. It’s the light pulses that carry data and allow them to reach incredible speeds, measured in gigabits per second.

Fibre-Optic cables can form the backbone of high-speed internet, to both commercial and domestic customers and power everything from streaming video content to cloud computing and telephone networks.

So, why a cup of tea, well next time you’re at your desk sipping your brew, take a second to appreciate the invisible role fibre-optic cables play in keeping your organisation connected… But more importantly our customers know the importance of tea and biscuits with our engineers, so to summarise today’s post, it’s quite clear…

We’ll happily support your organisation with any cabling requirements and ongoing support, just contact us on 01274 869 099 or  as long as you promise that our fabulous team of engineers will be kept happy on site with a cuppa’ tea (Yorkshire Tea is preferred), but we’re not going to be too fussy!