Private Cloud Solutions

Before we begin to discuss the integrity of the private cloud, and private cloud solutions we should probably address what the private cloud is…

Well, firstly, we will start with what is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is fundamentally where you store your data and how you can access your data over the internet, instead of storing it locally.

There are three types of cloud, public, private and hybrid, with many influencing features into which cloud solution is the most appropriate for you and your business.

These influencing features are based on cost, compliance, and your individual requirements.

What is Private Cloud?

A private cloud is a single tenant solution whereby your company has sole access to the server, that server will either be stored on your own premises or housed in a data centre.

When it comes to cloud computing and the idea of private cloud solutions it is no longer seen as new technology or the ‘buzzword’ of the moment.

It’s beginning to become accepted more and more as business best practice, for organisations of all sizes, because when it comes to private cloud solutions, with private cloud security your business is the only one that has access to your private infrastructure.

All businesses have data that it is necessary to keep secure, private clouds eliminate the security risks associated with the public cloud.

When your data is saved and managed on private servers you control your data, with increased visibility into resources across the infrastructure.

Having a private cloud solution provides piece of mind to your customers that you care about security and by utilising private cloud services it will give your company a dedicated infrastructure that is protected, allowing you the flexibility to permit secure access to your employees, whilst remaining compliant in terms of data and any intellectual property whether your servers are stored on your premises or at a data centre.

Why would I use a data centre?

One of the first questions Data Installation & Supplies are asked when we begin discussions around moving operations onto a private cloud is the cost involvement… When it comes to the private cloud you do of course have the option to host the server on your own premises, however you must fully understand the costs associated with this.

You will need to ensure that you have a dedicated area to house the server, that room must be appropriately air conditioned with temperature control, back up, security and dedicated IT support to take care of the server, which is where data centres come in…

Having your data stored on a server hosted within a data centre is a way to eliminate unexpected costs, not to mention the Data Centres are fully equipped and prepared for all eventualities, with a 99.999% uptime.

By utilising Data Centre hosting you don’t have to invest a substantial investment of upfront capital to purchase the infrastructure, you can also budget appropriately the agreed monthly figure which covers…


Your data is confidential, our Data Centre Partner is an expert at hosting, with three conveniently located Data Centres positioned across the UK, they’re also amongst the most efficient in the world!

The Data Centres have the highest level of security, with 24/7 security, perimeter fencing, locked cabinets, and swipe card entry.  To enhance security further access will only be granted following pre-announcement and Photographic ID.

Back up:

Every eventuality is considered from back-up power to fire suppression, no stone is left unturned to ensure that your servers are safe in the event of disaster.

By utilising data centres, it allows you to host inside a multi-tenant centre with exceptional SLA’s, receiving all the benefits of moving to cloud solutions, whilst removing the worry around housing and maintaining your server, a great option for businesses who want to control budget and minimise infrastructure expense.

Ability to upscale:

With data centres there is always the capability to upscale, whether that is in terms of capacity or increasing services surrounding cloud solutions, including, but not limited to Back up as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

There we have a brief introduction to the private cloud and the option for data centre hosting. For more information or to discuss your business requirements please contact our team on or by calling 01274 869 099 and we will be happy to assist.


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