Poor indoor cellular coverage affecting employees and visitors

Inferior cellular coverage is an issue that not only impacts business operations, but it is also an issue affecting both your employees and visitors to your workplace. 

 In our fast-paced, digital world, adequate cellular coverage is essential. However, we are finding that we are regularly speaking to organisations who are suffering from poor indoor cellular coverage and are seeking solutions to minimise the disruption to daily procedures. 

Today’s post will delve into the consequences that poor indoor cellular coverage is having on staff and visitors alike.  

We will be exploring how it affects not only day-to-day activities, but how it can leave a negative impression on visitors.   

Considering these visitors could be potential new clients, new employees, contractors, or partners, you begin to understand that it is not only productivity that can be affected, but also opportunities and your business reputation that may be being compromised. 

We will separate this blog into both staff and visitors, to highlight the challenges posed on these two, important business assets. 

 Impact for staff: 

Your staff are one of your top business assets. They bring with them not only skills, productivity, and expertise, but customer facing employees and account managers are the face of your company. As such, you will have elevated expectations of them to positively represent your brand. 

When dealing with companies, customers whether that be B2B or B2C, across all industries expect a prominent level of quick and reliable communication.  If your team are regularly missing calls, or have inconsistent coverage, this not only inhibits their ability to work productively, liaise with customers, suppliers, and colleagues, but it also disrupts operations, negatively impacting that employee, through no fault of their own.  If customers cannot get hold of who they need to, in a timely manner it is inevitable that they will take their business elsewhere. 

Although profit lines are a crucial factor in business, so is your responsibility to your employee’s safety and your regulatory and Health & Safety obligations that you have towards your staff.   

Poor coverage can be extremely dangerous in an emergency, heightened even more so if you have lone workers who cannot call someone in an emergency, or if emergency services/ contractors cannot locate the incident when on site. 

We can also identify another side of staff communications… 

As much as staff productivity is business critical, it is also important to consider their needs when taking breaks.   

Your staff will want to check social media, make phone calls/ text friends when on their break.  

The inability to do this may reflect in their performance. No one wants to spend their break looking for phone signal, the repercussions of this could be severe for your organisation.  

Have you considered poor cellular coverage to be a cause for high turnover of staff? Staff returning late from breaks and causing disruptions, all of which can be mitigated by improving cellular coverage.  

Impact for visitors: 

When it comes to visitors to your workplace you strive to provide them with a great impression, whether that be customers, suppliers, or contractors; however, an aspect that they value is good cellular coverage.   

Your visitors may need to make or receive calls during their visit, good cellular coverage ensures that they can stay connected, reducing the risk of them missing important calls, not to mention inhabiting their ability to access documents and efficiently complete tasks. 

Whether customers, suppliers, or contractors whilst on-site you want to provide them with a positive experience.  There is nothing worse than having visitors unable to locate their site contact or colleagues. 

We have conducted a small research project that concludes that poor cellular coverage reflects negatively on your organisation, with some participants detailing that they deem poor coverage to show unprofessionalism and a lack of investment in both infrastructure and visitor needs, leaving a negative impression, one that can and does influence future business dealings. 

So, there is no better time to address these issues, increase productivity and decrease the frustration caused by poor cellular coverage, to contact Data Installation & Supplies to see how we can provide you with bespoke, robust coverage solutions inside buildings and internal spaces to create a connectivity-positive environment for your workplace, pleasing both your staff and visitors. 

If you would like to discuss your individual requirements, please contact us on 01274 869 099 or info@disnorth.com and one of our experienced team members will be happy to provide you with some more information specific to your business needs.