It’s no longer just your word against theirs

  • Does your organisation dispatch items worldwide?
  • Are you facing a high level of claims from customers that their parcel/ pallet is damaged and/or has missing items upon arrival?
  • Are you ultimately having to refund, compensate and replace items, even in instances where you’re certain you’re not at fault?

If so, Business Video Intelligence could be the perfect solution to meet your needs, even in the instance of low-value items…

As a quick introduction Business Video Intelligence is a solution that combines video footage from a VMS with transactional footage from business related IT systems, creating a new level of information, optimising your business processes.

Complex business processes are tracked with reams of data, deriving from numerous resources, with a multitude of gaps persisting, where there are no sensors, logs, or visual information.

These gaps can lead to losses.  BVI however, provides the facility to close these gaps by using event and video data from a VMS, combining it with process data and linking together these previously disconnected areas.  The result… Your organisation gaining valuable new information.

 How does BVI support your organisation when shipping worldwide?

As an organisation working closely with a myriad of customers from e-commerce, warehousing and logistics and manufacturing we recognise the challenges faced when shipping products globally.

Regardless of the cost of the specific item/s, the associated costs of both shipping and administration add up, all of which need to be considered when customers are contacting you to say items are missing and/or damaged.

What Business Video Intelligence can do is provide you with the visual evidence of the order, being packed, palletised, and loaded onto the HGV.

This can include people packing, (with masking to comply to GDPR and privacy laws in the UK and worldwide) automated warehouse packing and forklift movement within the warehouse.

So, if your items have been shipped worldwide, which could take several weeks to reach their destination and a customer contacts you to say that X item has been missed, or damaged.

Likewise, that only 3 pallets arrived, when 4 had been ordered, you no longer need to take their word for it.

With Business Video Intelligence, within less than one second of searching, your customer service team will be able to obtain the relevant footage, with both date stamped and video evidence of the items within your warehouse…

This footage then supports your investigation, enabling your team to…

  1. If all is correct challenge the customer for further information, do they have photographic evidence of the parcel arriving damaged? If so, this could suggest the courier is to blame, in which case you can refer your investigation to the courier and/or claim for courier damage. Similarly, if there is no evidence to suggest the items were missing/ damaged, you can further challenge the customer.
  2. It can prove the customers claim, in turn, improving your customer service levels as you can clearly identify the claim is correct. In addition, this allows you to investigate why there was missing/ damaged items, providing you with evidence to address internal processes and problems that you are unaware of, such as internal shrinkage, accidental short shipping processes, furthermore, identifying specific areas within your warehouse causing unintentional damage.

What’s just as important…

If you are shipping items, you will also receive returns, Business Video Intelligence can also work in the reverse, enabling you to prove/ disprove customer returns.

Customers may state that they have returned 5 items, in fact they’ve only returned 3.

Similarly they may have stated they returned the ‘pair of shoes ordered’ when in fact they have kept the shoes, but returned a cheap pair of old flip flops, Business Video Intelligence records footage of the item arriving back at your warehouse, and at the time it is unpacked so that it can be seen exactly what items and the quantity have been returned, to enable you to refund, or challenge the customer accordingly.

To summarise, Business Video Intelligence allows your organisation to resolve customer complaints and disprove fraudulent claims through veritable documentation, rather than reliance on conflicting accounts.

Subsequently, if your organisation ships items worldwide and is facing challenges proving that you dispatched the correct number of items and that they were in perfect condition then please contact Data Installation & Supplies (DIS) today on 01274 869 099 or email and our experienced engineers can discuss specifically how BVI can assist you to overcome your challenges.