Is Your Office 365 Backed Up?

If we asked you if your Office 365 is backed up, you may answer with yes, as it is the general misconception with businesses that Microsoft automatically backs up all your critical business data.

Backup for your peace of mind

However, this isn’t the case, Microsoft do protect against any hardware or site failures.

However, it’s important to be aware that they aren’t taking historical copies of your data and storing it securely as a backup.

So, it’s worth noting that your business could potentially be at risk of losing critical data if a loss was to occur.  So it’s worth considering an independent backup solution.

Comprehensive solution

The Office 365 backup solution offered by Data Installation & Supplies is comprehensive.

It offers a secure and independent backup of all your Office 365 content.  With the benefit of a backup service that can not only meet legislative and compliance regulations.

All services are delivered from a highly secure UK Data Centre, which operates under a high level of physical security.

It’s also important to mention the storage is based on high-availability enterprise class storage.

Cost is often a prohibiting factor in why a business may take the risk to not backup their data, however we are pleased to offer an OpEx pricing model for Office 365 backup.

This provides you with competitively priced bundles for the complete Office 365 estate, which also includes SharePoint and OneDrive.

Additionally our independent Office 365 backup safeguards against disruption to your business.

There will be no changes to your Office 365 tenancy or administration as the backup and restoration events will be fully managed on your behalf.

If you require discovery or recovery a single phone call will get this underway.

So no need to devote any internal IT resource to any backup administration, this will be taken care of.

If your business is using Office 365 and you haven’t got an independent backup in place take a look at our insight… Why backing up your Office 365 is important.

Please contact Data Installation & Supplies on 01274 869 099 or and we can discuss our Office 365 backup solutions with you.


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