How to secure Public Cloud

When it comes to the Public Cloud a key feature that is regularly and rightly so noted as a disadvantage is the security aspect and how to secure public cloud.

So today’s Public Cloud insight aims to provide you with some guidance surrounding both Public Cloud best practice and looking at your responsibilities which can improve security, furthermore, how to secure Public Cloud to inevitably increase security.


One of the key responsibilities that can enhance the security of your Public Cloud is the attitudes of your staff towards security, by providing them with the relevant training it can significantly reduce your risk of cyber-attack.

It’s important to instil security principles into your employees from day 1.

Therefore providing them with a checklist of cyber security expectations is a great starting point, before providing additional, relevant training.

The key elements for your staff to consider are factors like explaining the risk of downloading third-party applications and creating strong passwords.

Not to mention how to avoid Phishing scams sent by hackers and the importance of not clicking links in emails from unknown senders and not providing company details.

Employee responsibility

But, just as important is educating your employees on the consequences that could arise from a data breach arising from being hacked.

It can be detrimental for your organisation in terms of reputation, customer loss and potential fines for breach of data.

You want your employees to be working efficiently that they aren’t putting your company at risk.

But, just as importantly you want to have a process for reporting any incidents that could cause a vulnerability to your infrastructure.

There we have it, although the Public Cloud is managed and maintained by the service provider (such as AWS or Azure.)

There are a few elements that your business can benefit from implementing to assist security and best practice.

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