Game changing solution for missing item claims

Organisations offering delivery of goods to customers, may find themselves on the receiving end of customer complaints.

More specifically complaints related to damaged items, missing items and missing consignments.

You would anticipate that these claims are genuine…  However the reality is that you may have a high level of fraudulent claims.

Fraudulent claims that you are unable to prove, so unavoidably have to offer compensation to the customer in the form of refunds or re-issuing items.

How could it impact your organisation and profits if there was a technology to address and challenge these claims in a simplistic way?

A technology that our customers are seeing transform their business, through negating fraudulent claims.

One of our customers advises that the solution has saved them £1.5million in just 12 months since installation… Equating to an annual ROI of 1000%.

Introducing BVI…

BVI, or Business Video Intelligence combines video footage from a VMS with transactional data from your Warehouse Management Software or ERP Systems. Creating a new level of information, optimising your processes.

You may currently have business processes in place, meticulously tracking reams of data from numerous sources, but gaps persist…

These gaps occur where there are no sensors, logs, or visual information, leading to losses.

BVI provides the capability to close these information gaps, using event and video data from a VMS and combining it with process data.

Linking previously disconnected areas together- resulting in valuable information gain for your organisation.

A great way to digest BVI is to say it’s video technology, supporting business processes… BVI reduces the hours it would take your team to browse recordings to clarify any irregularities. (E.g. lost or damaged packages within your warehouse.)

It does this by combining your video and transaction data, making it possible to search for specific items or transaction types.

More importantly finding the matching video recordings within a second.

Scenario example:

Customer ordered 3 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of shoes and a shirt.

Upon delivery the customer contacts your customer service team stating only 1 pair of jeans arrived, not 3.

Your Customer Service Employee can both effectively and efficiently research what has happened by viewing the flow of goods, as all labels provided by an ERP, PoS or WMS can be used as search criteria, e.g., order number.

They can quickly view the footage of the parcel being packed and at all stages within the warehouse environment.

This information can be used to challenge the customer further if they can clearly see the item was in fact packed correctly.

Likewise, if the customer is indeed correct, you can view the footage to determine what has happened and determine whether process improvements need to be implemented to reduce the level of missed/ damaged items to support loss prevention.

As a result of BVI combining visual information with transactional data it helps to improve the process flow, as seen in the above scenario.

It makes responsibilities clear, with reliable documentation and monitoring at each step of the warehouse process you can confidently transfer liability back to the customer or the wider supply chain.

Recent customer feedback:

This is evidenced by our recent feedback, welcomed from one of our customers, a leading online retailer…

Just one week after installing BVI, it has enabled them to discount 77% of missing item claims, whereas with the other 23% BVI has opened their eyes to their need for process improvements.

What does this mean?

This means that 100% of missing/ damaged item claims have been evidenced and resolved, with the customer specifically saying:

“Thanks everybody for your efforts, this will be a game changer for us! Great effort from everyone at DIS!”

Adam Foster, DIS Technical Director commented further:

“We’ve recently gone live with BVI for one of our customers.  This is the second site/brand we’ve installed after great success with the first role out.  With the customer seeing a great return after just one week.  ROI is expected to be in as little as 3 to 4 months.”

Putting it all together.  If you’re seeking a solution to not only support your organisation with identifying fraudulent claims, but supporting your internal investigation process.  One that presents seamless documentation.  In turn improving your research process and efficacy with both visual and transactional data. Furthermore, not only supports in your response to your customer, but provides you with an efficient and comprehensive return on your investment… Contact DIS on or 01274 869 099, we can provide you with further information on BVI and how it can support your organisation.