Challenges faced during a data centre relocation

Data centre relocations are extremely complex processes, and when not planned meticulously can be extremely high risk for organisations. Today’s post delves into some of the common challenges faced during a data centre relocation and offers a transitory insight into how to overcome them.

Downtime and business continuity:

A main concern when we begin discussions with our customers about facilitating a data centre relocation is just how much downtime will there be.

We always strive to carry out any relocation out of business hours to help to reduce the impact of the relocation. Additionally, we can also utilise cloud to temporarily migrate your organisations’ critical applications to the cloud so that you can continue to work during the physical move (if needed).

Data Security:

Just as important as business continuity, is data security, furthermore it’s essential that you remain compliant with regulatory bodies during the relocation process.

We understand the implications that any data breach can have, so plan meticulously to mitigate security risks. This is done with forward planning, risk assessments, compliance checklists and implementing robust security measures such as encryption.


As important as your data is, so is your investment in your IT infrastructure, which in turn brings in the complexities of coordinating the logistical challenges involved in a data centre relocation.

We take full control of the documentation of all infrastructure in meticulous detail from cable tracing and auditing. We only work with our professional, experienced transportation partner, who has heavily invested in purpose-built rolling server cases, stair walkers & Genie lifts to help ensure a successful relocation every time.


The relocation is not complete, nor can it be deemed successful until all systems are functioning correctly.

Within the initial project management, a testing plan will have been discussed with the customer.

We will accurately test all systems including the network connections, hardware and software applications, to be assured that all aspects are operating correctly.

We would also have a robust rollback plan to initiate in case any issues are detected.

How DIS can help

As you can gather from this brief introduction to several of the challenges faced during a data centre relocation, there are many complexities that can arise.

It’s important that as a business you are working with an experienced company who is not only proficient in understanding how to conduct a successful migration, but one that can also mitigate any challenges that arise.

If you would like to discuss your individual business needs, or would like some further information regarding data centre relocations please don’t hesitate to contact Data Installation & Supplies (DIS) on 01274 869 099, or by clicking here.