Capabilities of EDR

Welcome to today’s insight into EDR, you will find an overarching introduction into our EDR solution by clicking here, however the purpose of today’s post is to provide you with an insight into what the capabilities of an EDR solution are, to help you to better understand what benefits it can bring to your organisation.

To start with, EDR is there to detect threats, the way in which this is achieved is because of consistent scanning of your various endpoints (for example your computers, laptops and mobile phones.)

Identifying threats that have managed to gain access into your devices and that haven’t already been apprehended by alternative security measures which your company has in place, for example you may be using Antivirus solutions.

As a result of this consistent monitoring of your endpoints if any malicious activity has been identified an alert will be automatically generated and sent to the security team, who can easily identify the exact endpoint that was breached, enabling reactive actions to comprehend the threat.

Another extremely important component of EDR is the ability to generate in-depth analytics based on user behaviour, so that it gains an understanding into what is determined ‘normal’ behaviour, so if it identifies an event that it defines as uncharacteristic it can react and if it deems necessary it can isolate the endpoint from your network.

Importantly, the identification and response are both automated processes, because the risk of attack and the threat can happen 24 hours a day, which when EDR is combined with SIEM it further enhances the security of your network.

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