Business Video Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to today’s blog, where we will be looking at our most frequently asked questions around Business Video Intelligence.

Where a combination of video footage and transactional data can optimise your business processes.

What is Business Video Intelligence?

Business Video Intelligence in a nutshell is the technology which collects both video recordings alongside scanned data and can combine the two.

The data is then merged and analysed to answer queries through its intelligence tools, before presenting the findings in a user-friends way.

This means that if any issues arise, fraudulent claims are submitted or thefts are committed BVI can link all areas, allowing for valuable information to be seen and analysed, ensuring that your business processes are optimised.

How does Business Video Intelligence work?

Business Video Intelligence optimises your business processes by closing the information gaps.

You can find an introduction to Business Video Intelligence, also known as BVI by clicking here.

To answer the question how BVI works we’ll look at the 5 stage process.

The first stage is the video data collection element.

This is where BVI collects the recordings form your Video Management System.

This then incorporates stage 2 ,which is where the data from your warehouse management system is scanned.

Synchronisation is stage 3.

This is where position and time stamps and combined.  Prior to stage 4 where the data that is merged receives further analysis.

This is done through queries or intelligent analytics tools before the results are presented within a user-friendly manner.

What sectors does Business Video Intelligence apply to?

Business Video Intelligence works well across several sectors.  However the sectors that we have experience in BVI working well and that we would promote BVI to would be retail and logistics.

To begin with retail, theft within a retail environment is extremely common, however more recently reaching new levels- BVI can be used within a retail setting to identify and resolve suspicious events at the checkout, learn more here.

Secondly, Business Video Intelligence is extremely well placed within Logistics… With shipments regularly being reported as damaged and/or lost within the supply chain there is no way to understand what has happened.

However BVI combines the video footage and the scanned data to track the exact route of a shipment within your warehouse setting, allowing you to transfer liability, learn more here.

What are the benefits to Business Video Intelligence?

Business Video Intelligence has many benefits to your business.  However, simply put the benefits to you as a business and the added value through introduction of and implementing BVI, it includes improving workflow as subconsciously with this technology your employee workflows will improve.

These systems ensure that all mistakes can be identified allowing the business to act and react quickly if something is brought to your attention.

Whether that be a theft at the checkout, or a customer identifying they have a missing item from their parcel.

It takes seconds to identify as all processes are specific, which in term minimises business risk.

This will in turn maximise profits as you will no longer have gaps in identification which lead to losses and exploitation from both employees and customers.

Finally you can be assured of improving customer satisfaction, if a customer contacts you the evidence is there and in cases where customer is correct their issue can be remedied quickly.

As with most solutions Business Video Intelligence isn’t a one size fits all.  To determine the most appropriate solution to your business please get in touch with Data Installation & Supplies on 01274 869 099 or

Where we can gain an understanding of your business operations and needs and we can tailor the most appropriate solution to best meet your requirements.


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