Benefits to Vulnerability Scanning

Taking your business security seriously is extremely important, particularly when you consider the backdrop of numerous (and quite obviously increasing) cyber-attacks on businesses of all sizes that we are seeing, which undoubtedly cause major disruption to organisations, Vulnerability Scanning is a solution that DIS offer, today we will be discussing the benefits to Vulnerability Scanning.

Protecting your business

At Data Installation & Supplies we will never profess that we can ensure that your business will never be targeted.

However what we can do through use of our Security Professional Services including Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Phishing Campaigns and Managed Firewall Services is mitigate the risk and severity of attack.

This is because you will be aware of and can act efficiently upon any identified vulnerabilities…

Overall leaving your business more secure.

Today’s insight will focus upon the benefits of conducting Vulnerability Scanning which provides you with a knowledge of your networks and servers in a non-disruptive manner, potentially saving your business from data breaches, financial implications and damaged reputation if it was to be the victim of a cyber-attack.

Identifies vulnerabilities:

Conducting Vulnerability Scanning provides you with the means to identify any of your security vulnerabilities, allowing you to address them before they are potentially exploited by hackers.

Increased security and control:

Carrying out the advised and recommended remediations will result in your business benefitting from increased security control following Vulnerability Scanning, preventing exploitation.

Efficient resourcing:

Regular scanning and analysis is extremely time-consuming, easily becoming missed, or not made a priority, by using our service it frees up your internal resource.


Vulnerability scanning is also suitable to growing businesses, since it is extremely scalable, as you wish to add new devices and/or locations, our team can work with you to include additional assets.

Increased cyber hygiene:

Hackers often use Vulnerability Scanning as a way to locate and then exploit any vulnerabilities, our managed Vulnerability Scanning helps you to establish good habits.

Remediation Guidance:

Any vulnerability findings will be presented to you in a report format that is easy to read and provides your team with a structured remediation guide to follow.

Expert support:

If you choose a review service you will benefit from a monthly phone call to discuss the remediation report, with full guidance on the actions required.

Reputation protection:

As a result of carrying out Vulnerability Scanning it suggests to your customers that you are taking your responsibility of safeguarding your networks and business data.

If you would like to find out some more information surrounding Vulnerability Scanning, or you would like to discuss how Data Installation & Supplies can support your cyber security efforts please contact our team on 01274 869 099 or


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