Advantages of Public Cloud

If you’re thinking of adopting a cloud strategy you will be familiar with Public Cloud, but do you know what the advantages of public cloud are and have your considered whether it could it be an appropriate choice for your business to deploy.

Let’s talk Public Cloud

With Public Cloud you will be confident that it is the most common and easily accessible of the three cloud models (private and hybrid being the alternatives.)

It is the model where a provider (for example AWS or Azure) allows their resources to be made available to the public and businesses, with all information being stored (hosted) upon their external servers, as opposed to a private server which can be hosted in a data centre or on prem.

Enough about the what’s of the Public Cloud model, we’re supposed to be discussing the advantages…

So, what exactly are the advantages of Public Cloud?

Well, with the Public Cloud you’ll be aware that all your information is hosted upon a third-party company’s external servers, which offers a great advantage to companies who are either start-ups, or those with limited space/ capital or those without the knowledge to maintain their own architecture.

With a public cloud solution, you won’t own any of the infrastructure, you are simply renting space within a shared server.

This means that an advantage to your business is that you hold no responsibility for any maintenance costs, or any responsibility for any issues that may arise, these will be the sole responsibility of the provider.

Consequently, from the perspective of maintenance, there will be no associated costs to budget for, neither will you need to employ an IT manager to look after the kit, saving employee costs.

With a public cloud you won’t have any up-front capital expenditure and payment will usually follow an OPEX pricing model, where you pay for what you need, with the ability to increase/ decrease bandwidth as necessary.

This moves us nicely onto scalability, which is also a key advantage of Public Cloud, you can be assured that as your company grows you can increase your requirements, almost instantaneously, without the associated costs of the private cloud.

Not to mention the added assurance that the Public Cloud comes with great reliability, ensuring that there is only a very slim chance of a failure or any interruptions, due to the large nature of the third-party companies who own the servers having multiple servers which ensures the protection from any downtime or failure.

There we have it, an introduction around the advantages of Public Cloud.

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We will endeavour to understand your business and discuss how the public cloud can be advantageous for you.

Likewise, the options surrounding alternative cloud solutions if deployment to Public Cloud isn’t the best option for you.


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