Advantages of IP Audio

Today’s blog will provide you with an insight into the advantages of IP Audio.

IP Audio can play a major role within your security solutions, providing you with the ability to carry out public announcements and security procedures in the event of an emergency, furthermore IP Audio can be integrated with your Access Control and your Video Analytics whilst also creating an ambient environment for employees and visitors, with the facility to play background music.

IP Audio for your business

The first advantage of IP Audio that we will consider is the improvements that it can have upon your security processes.

Implementing IP Audio is beneficial as it has the facility for your team to communicate with an intruder in the instance that an alert is sent.

Your security guard will be able to either play a recorded message to state that their presence is known and that the intruder is not permitted to be in the area.

Alternatively, IP Audio allows you to speak directly to the trespasser.

Which on many occasions the awareness that their activities are known and being monitored is enough to act as a deterrent to require any further response from your security team.

IP Audio can also have a significant advantage to your business in the event of an emergency, or at a time when all people within your building, or particular area need to be made aware of a situation.

You can communicate both quickly and efficiently, with the full understanding that all people present within the target zone can hear the safety address and react to or evacuate the building accordingly.

Both security and safety are key advantages to IP Audio, however it’s also important to understand that the technology can play a significant part within your business operations, with the benefit of improving efficiencies.

You can both issue live audio or pre-record and schedule announcements in targeted areas at specific times of the day and night, furthermore, allowing you to create ambient environments with relevant background music playing, which automatically pause when an announcement is made.

All the facilities and capabilities within IP Audio are managed centrally, with the ability to pre-set volumes and combine both music and announcements for the best experience for your employees and/or customers.

IP Audio uses an IP Network Infrastructure which allows for the added benefits that an IP Audio solution can be both scalable and flexible, without the need to install new cabling, which makes way for an easy, future proof solution, easy to adapt to your businesses changing needs.

If IP Audio is a solution that your business is considering or if you would just like to request some further information, please contact Data Installation & Supplies on 01274 869 099 or and our team will be happy to assist you.


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