99 Problems, but returns fraud isn’t one

Returns- it’s the element of online shopping that can send shivers down the spine of any customer- it’s the element that is well-known to be a frustrating part of online shopping, with customers wanting to know what your returns policy is before they’ve even ordered.

As a result of this it’s imperative that company’s get their returns policy right- because this can have a massive impact on whether the customer even places an order.

You see so many negative reviews surrounding companies returns policies and how difficult and, in some cases, unexpectedly expensive it is for customers to return their unwanted items.

This inevitably has a negative effect on not only your overall business (and brand) reputation, but it can also have a significant impact on generating custom…

However, is there another issue that can significantly impact your business, that isn’t not receiving the order?

We appreciate that as a business you will have many pain points, (we wish we could help you with them all, but we can only help to fix some of them), fortunately for you, returns claims being one of them…

Before we start discussing our solution, we’d like to begin by flipping the above blurb around- because it’s easy for the first thought when you say returns issues to automatically think on behalf of the customer, but here at Data Installation & Supplies we believe it’s equally as important to look at it from your perspective and show you how we can help you, the business…

Customer returns, let’s quickly cover the fully legitimate ones, because there are always genuine reasons why items need to be returned…

Scenario 1: customer has ordered two pairs of jeans to try on for size and has returned the size that didn’t fit.

Scenario 2: The product was not what the customer ordered (mis-picked)

Scenario 3: The item that arrived was damaged.

Now, scenario 1:

This isn’t something that we can’t assist with because customers are always going to order multiple sizes to try on and legitimately return the incorrect size, however scenarios 2 and 3 are something that we can assist with, however legitimate they may seem at first sight.

Let’s look at scenario 2:

A mis-picked item is something that yes, happens but is this happening frequently? Is it down to a problem within your packing operations rather than a simple mistake?

With BVI your customer investigation team can, within seconds of opening the return claim, input the order number, (or whatever metric your WMS prefers) view the item (and other items within the same order) and clarify any irregularities throughout the various journeys that occur within the warehouse, easily identifying the mis-pick and addressing an operational matter.

Now, scenario 3:

The item may have arrived with your customer damaged, which in the first instance you can ask the customer to photograph the parcel/ item/s and ask them what the parcel package was like upon delivery.

If the customer states that the parcel was damaged on arrival, BVI can support you by providing you the evidence to challenge your couriers as you can prove how the parcel left your warehouse, transferring liability onto your delivery company, furthermore this enables you to identify opportunities with your couriers to reduce in transit damage or allow you to claim for carrier damage.

Then, importantly we arrive at scenario 4:

This is a big one, often identified as a major issue for our e-commerce customers, and where BVI can support your operations and importantly your profits.

Your customer may order multiple items and fill out their returns form to state they have ‘returned’ 10 of the items, however when you open the package the customer has returned only 5 items.

Traditionally, how do you prove that only 5 items were returned?

Well with BVI it supports you with its seamless documentation of the flow of goods that are returned into your warehouse, it improves the efficiency of research compared with traditional video systems, enabling your team to have time and date stamped video evidence to challenge the customer, with the result being a significant reduction in fraudulent returns claims.

Additionally, with BVI you can highlight both process improvements within your organisation and highlight and address customer fraud with evidence which in turn helps to prevent false claims, which contribute significant costs to a company.

  • To put into perspective, one of our customers (a leading online retailer) in the first three months of BVI being implemented “have reduced Missing Item claims and refunds by 64%- based on fraudulent claims”

Business Video Intelligence is a great solution for not only returns claims, but also not in parcel claims and missing consignments, upon implementation, BVI allows you to not only address complaints and fraud, however it also allows you to better understand the processes within your warehouse, which inevitably helps find solutions, which lead to customer satisfaction and inevitably customer retention as legitimate claims can be resolved quickly and easily.

So, if your business is ready to address your Not in Parcel Claims, Missing Consignments and Returns Claims, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01274 869 099 or email info@disnorth.com.

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