The role of cloud computing in a data centre relocation

The role of cloud computing in a data centre relocation may not have been a consideration that you immediately think of.

At Data Installation & Supplies (DIS) we support many customers, ranging in size and sector in their digital transformation, as such we turn to cloud technologies to leverage and streamline several processes when functioning a data centre relocation.

Minimise downtime:

We utilise cloud computing when we want to minimise downtime for our customers, because the facilities offered help to seamlessly transition (temporarily or permanently) their workloads to the cloud.

This not only safeguards the customers critical applications but maintains operational ability of their services throughout the relocation process.

Backup and Security:

It’s also important in terms of security and backup, both important considerations, and cloud storage creates secure backups of your data, safeguarding against the risk of loss during the migration.

Furthermore we can leverage additional safety measures, such as encryption to further protect your sensitive data.

Disaster Recovery:

On the other hand, although every precaution is taken to support a successful relocation, if data is lost, cloud provides an extra layer of protection, offering a robust disaster recovery solution, to safeguard the data and quickly restore in case of any unforeseen circumstances arising during the migration.

So, again minimising the risk of data loss, at the same time providing that extra piece of mind to both us and the customer.


Throughout the relocation your storage and resources can be scaled to suit your needs, with the flexibility of accommodating unexpected changes or delays in the relocation schedule.

Streamlined Data Migration:

Cloud offers the facility to seamlessly transfer data, with minimal effort, which is especially beneficial for large-scale data migrations, where the alternative, traditional methods can be time-consuming and prone to errors. Whereas cloud providers offer automated migration tools, which support data integrity and consistency throughout the process.

Cloud is becoming a vital solution to utilise during a data centre relocation, with its ability to minimise downtime, offer security, scalability and provide a cost-effective solution it’s a technology that we leverage during data centre relocations, to help us to achieve a smooth, efficient migration.

Embracing the cloud is also something for organisations to think about post-relocation, as it’s a great solution for positioning future growth and technology advancements.

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