Business Video Intelligence for Logistics

Business Video Intelligence can play an integral role across many industries; however, we specifically promote the technology to our customers in Warehousing and Logistics and Retail due to their need for high security levels, supply chain management and crime reduction.

Reliable Documentation

With the visual information and linking transactions and operations to video recordings provided by BVI it allows for reliable documentation, which is extremely important for our customers within the mentioned sectors as it closes gaps and provides visual information and transactional data quickly.

All data within the Business Video Intelligence system is configurable, enabling you to see the time differentiation between one order ending and another beginning, plus all stages in between being monitored.

BVI is a great way to reduce the time spent scouring hours of footage-the BVI system tracks items throughout your whole (specifically identified) processes and across all locations within your business.

As a logistics organisation you will handle a myriad of parcels within each 24-hour period, with a high probability that you’re utilising traditional, automated systems which unfortunately can leave gaps within your business processes.

Unfortunately, these gaps when combined with instances of customer complaints such as damaged parcels, items missing from parcels and lost parcels on a regular basis your organisation will inevitably face significant financial losses.

Business Video Intelligence is a solution that can optimise your business processes, by combining footage from your VMS with your transaction data from your IT systems, furthermore, preventing loss and damages through the intelligent video technology.

This intelligent video technology can assist you with:

Customer complaints:

No organisation wants customers to complain, nor do they want them to be dissatisfied with their product or service.

However in the event of a customer contacting you expressing a problem with their parcel you can use Business Video Intelligence to support your research.

You can quickly and easily identify the relevant parcel and identify at what stage the item was either damaged or missed.

Similarly you can view the evidence to support that the item was in fact included.

Monitor your processes:

It’s often identified that the packing element of the process can cause damages or missing items within a parcel.

Whether your packing process is manual or semi-automated you will want to know where the loss or damage occurred.

Business Video Intelligence enables you to reconstruct the parcel route throughout your sorting and distribution process, easily and within seconds.

Lost/ Damaged parcels:

Don’t waste time having to trawl through hours of footage to try to locate the exact parcel in question, browsing multiple cameras within your premises.

Use the BVI logistics module to easily locate footage of the parcel in question’s whole journey through the warehouse to identify if or at what point an item was damaged, lost or misplaced from the parcel, all within just a couple of minutes using data as simple as an order number.

Business Video Intelligence assists in transforming your processes.

Including saving your organisation money when you consider the financial implications of lost and damaged parcels.

BVI significantly reduces these associated costs… Whilst also providing efficiency in both the research process and with your employees, who will be aware that all phases within a parcels movement throughout the warehouse are being monitored, which coincidentally improves standards and customer satisfaction.

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